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In today’s world, marketing is the future. Gone are the days when you could just put a commercial on television or an ad in the newspaper and watch the customers pour in. Customers are bombarded with ads everywhere they go. They have lost their effectiveness. Even worse, companies and ads have lost trust.

To get the attention of companies these days, you need to prove your trust, it is no longer implied. You do this by offering to help people in minor ways, like explaining to them why SEO is important. While a billboard or radio commercial may work in a smaller Texas town, in a place like Austin, you need more. That is where SEO comes in. People have many concerns about SEO, and we are here to dispell the concerns.


It still works

Most importantly, many people seem to think SEO no longer works. We are regularly surprised at people who think SEO no longer works because the ten-year-old tricks like keyword stuffing and clear fonts no longer work. The fact is, SEO is just more specialized. The early days of web searching there were all sorts of dirty tricks people used to rank higher in search engine results. As time went on, Google got rid of these tricks to make rankings deliver based on the best quality pages. Some people like JC Penny never changed and were even delisted from search results. The bottom line is, if you build your page offering genuine value and benefit to your customer, Google will list you higher in the search results. It is simple. It is also not going anywhere. Google will keep updating and changing, SEO will always change, but it will always exist, just the methods change. This is why a dedicated professional like Zilker is what you need to stay on top.


SEO Increases Market Access

The numbers don’t lie. The most business goes to the top three results. Over 60% of people use one of the top three links in a search, in fact. And almost all business goes to the first page of results. If you are not at least on the first two pages, you are not benefiting from search results at all. If you are not investing to get your name on the first page of some search terms, you are losing money and customers.


It is cost-effective

Organic marketing is both cheaper and more effective than paid ads. Most people skip past the paid results on a search and choose the top organic results of their search. Paying a professional to put you there is cheaper per click than paying for an ad, especially when you usually have to hire a person to place your ads for you as well. Investing in SEO, when done right is also the more trusted brand option over any paid source.


SEO Can Boost the Effectiveness of Your Other Marketing Efforts

All of your other marketing, from print ads to social media to word of mouth benefits when your SEO is performed well. A well-done blog post gets shared with others who then benefit. People will share your page and blog posts on social media, they will come to your page for helpful advice you always give. The bottom line is a well done and informative page is a benefit to your community, and it improves the value and trust of all of your other marketing efforts.

Your competitors are doing it

Remember, every time people search for your type of business and go to a competitor, that is because they invested more into SEO than you did. If you are not constantly moving forward in your branding, you are not standing still, you are falling behind everyone who is moving forward.

If you feel you need to improve your digital presence, feel free to call us today, and we can discuss your SEO strategy and put you above other Austin businesses.

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